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Multi-Actor Learning for Sustainable Regional Development: A Handbook of Best Practice

November 28, 2011 by Andrew   Comments (3)

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A Lifelong Learning Programme-funded project we were involved in up until last year produced a book on ESD that you might find useful for your own particular ESD projects. The project was 3-LENSUS Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development ( involving the Charles University Environment Center, Leuphana University of Lueneburg, the Open University of the Netherlands, the University of Graz, the University of Macedonia, and the RCE Rhine-Meuse. The book contains a series of academic articles on education for sustainable development (ESD) and project case studies exemplifying multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder ESD best practice at a regional level in an array of European Union states. It is the result of the aforementioned two-year 3-LENSUS project focusing on enhancing ESD networking among academics and non-academics, and fostering cooperation between universities and other ESD stakeholders. It is designed as a repository of theoretical and methodological approaches to ESD, and as a practical guide to ESD project implementation. You can download a PDF version of the book on the 'files' section of this website, or you can buy it for your kindle at Amazon or if you're quick enough you can ask me for a hard copy version (andrew.barton(at)

Calling all potential reviewers

November 24, 2011 by Andrew   Comments (0)

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As some participants at the 6th RCE World Conference may have heard, we're looking for reviewers for articles on regional learning networks for ESD to be published in a special issue of the Journal of Cleaner Production in early 2012. We're also seeking last minute contributions to the special issue in the form of short articles, book reviews, editorials, etc. The original call for papers can be found in the 'files' section on this website or you can go to the Cleaner Production website. If you're interested in contributing as a reviewer or author, then please contact me at andrew.barton(at) at the Charles University Environment Center.